Alcoholism is a problem in Altoona that may be being taken too lightly. Alcohol is the most commonly used and widely abused drug in existence. One or two drinks after work or during social gatherings can turn into a serious alcohol addiction. Statistically, one in ten people who drink become alcoholics.

The problem with alcohol addiction and alcoholism begins when consumption crosses the line from moderate drinking, to the individual not being able to control the amount of alcohol he is consuming or his actions as a result of being intoxicated. Alcohol addiction and alcoholism may be triggered by an individual's environment or current circumstances in his life. If the individual continues to use alcohol in excess and doesn't have enough control to put down that drink despite the consequences, there is a problem.

Like other addictive drugs, alcohol addiction and alcoholism can have serious consequences to the individual's physical health, mental well-being and life in general. This is why it is so important that someone in Altoona, Wisconsin with an alcohol addiction seek help from an Alcoholism Rehab Center before it is too late.

Attending an Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center in Altoona for alcohol addiction and alcoholism is an individual's best bet for a lasting recovery. Individuals who admit that they have a drinking problem can take advantage of counseling, peer support and the help of specialists, all of which will make sure that the psychological and emotional issues are addressed. Individuals can confront their addiction head on and get back control of their life. An effective Alcohol Addiction Rehab Facility will guide the individual in the right direction to ensure a long-term recovery.

As part of the Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Altoona, WI., individuals that experience withdrawal due to long-term alcohol abuse will be gotten through a detoxification process at the Alcoholism Rehabilitation Program. Withdrawal can be a painful and uncomfortable process, so getting help and guidance through withdrawal and detox helps the individual seeking treatment get through it as smooth as possible.

There are a variety of alcohol addiction and alcoholism treatment options available in Altoona, Wisconsin including Long-term Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities, Outpatient Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs, Short-term Alcohol Abuse Rehab Centers, Inpatient Alcohol Abuse Rehabs, support group meetings, counseling, halfway houses and sober living.

Treatment for alcohol addiction and alcoholism can make a new life possible for you or someone you care about today. Make the decision to seek treatment and contact an Alcohol Treatment Program in Altoona to find out which treatment option is best for you.

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  • Over all, about three-quarters of all prisoners in 1997 were involved in alcohol or drug abuse in some way in the time leading up to their current offense.
  • A recent government study indicates that 33% of the citizens in this country who are alcohol dependent are currently seeking treatment; this means that 67% of individuals that live in the U.S. that struggle with an alcohol addiction are still in need of help.
  • Excessive alcohol use over time can result in social problems, including unemployment, lost productivity, and family problems.
  • Approximately 5-10% of male drinkers and 3-5% of female drinkers can be diagnosed as alcohol dependent.

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