Are you or someone that you care about in Oshkosh, Wisconsin fighting an alcohol addiction? Are you holding your breath every day because your loved one in Oshkosh, Wisconsin has developed an alcoholism problem and you don't know if they will come home drunk and become mean and violent? This is becoming a common scenario in Oshkosh and in various other cities that are located across America, as the number of individuals with an alcohol addiction in this country is steadily increasing.

The specific causes of an alcohol addiction and alcoholism are varied and may include peer pressure and other social and environmental factors. Many individuals in Oshkosh will use alcohol to temporarily forget about any of the unpleasant aspects of their lives. Because alcohol is a chemical substance that exerts a depressive action on the central nervous system, it will offer short term relief of a tense or stressful state; unfortunately this occurs in a very harmful way that often leads to the individual in Oshkosh developing an alcohol addiction. People from Oshkosh, WI. that are in depressed states will be much more prone to alcoholism.

There are many reasons why it is important for an individual from Oshkosh, WI. to seek a professional Alcoholism Rehab Center for an alcohol addiction; the short-term effects of alcohol abuse can include memory loss, hangovers, and blackouts and some of the long-term effects of an alcoholism problem include stomach ailments, heart problems, brain damage, and liver cirrhosis.

It is important that an individual in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with an alcohol addiction receives treatment, because alcoholism problems can have a negative impact on every aspect of their lives. When a family in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is dealing with a loved one's alcoholism, it can be like riding an emotional roller coaster.

The first step in any quality Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center is the alcohol detox process; the individual from Oshkosh that is going through this process in rehab will experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on various aspects of the alcohol addiction including how long and how much the individual from Oshkosh has been drinking; professional supervision is advisable during the detoxification process.

There are many different types of treatment for an individual in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with an alcohol addiction, including long term inpatient rehab treatment, short term outpatient alcohol addiction rehab, holistic alcohol addiction treatment and alcoholism recovery support groups. The main goal of any quality Alcohol Addiction Rehab Facility should first and foremost be to help the individual from Oshkosh, WI. to maintain long term sobriety for the rest of their lives.

Our primary goal is to help people from Oshkosh, Wisconsin that are struggling with an alcohol addiction. Our professional counselors are waiting to assist you, so call right now to get the help that you both need and deserve.

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  • If an individual with alcohol poisoning goes untreated, they may choke on his or her own vomit, they could stop breathing, the heart beat can become irregular of stop altogether, and untreated dehydration from vomiting can cause seizures, permanent brain damage or even death.
  • On one college campus that is located in the northern region of the United States, an informal survey indicated over 90% of first-year students had drunk to intoxication in the previous month.
  • Alcoholics may find that the muscles of the heart may be affected. Sexual dysfunction may occur in men causing erection problems in men and women can cease having monthly periods.
  • Food in the stomach slows the rate of alcohol absorption, but the amount of alcohol absorbed remains unchanged.
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